Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Rocks Before Sand

Lately I've been doing the big rocks first, or at least making sure they get down throughout the day, and the little rocks and sand seem to all have a place.

Three loads of laundry- washed/dried/folded/put away, two loads of dishes- washed/dried/put away, cleaned the bathrooms- sinks/mirrors/counters/toilets (tub/shower is my husband's job!), cleaned kitchen sink, spent 45 mins outside playing and taking a walk with my little girl, got the mail and got a letter ready to send, did the coupons- clipped/filed, two poopy diapers, cut little one's fingernails, read some books and did two and a half puzzles with her also, and wrote two blog posts. Still had some time to check my email and Facebook about four times, read a couple blogs, read today and yesterday's newspaper, and sat on the couch to watch Curious George with the little one.

Most days are not this productive, but I love it when they are. Funny thing is, the time doesn't seem to go by any faster when I do all these things. I kept looking at the clock expecting it to be a lot closer to when my husband comes home, but it wasn't. It really all does fit in the jar when you prioritize!

Hope you have a couple good productive days too!

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