Monday, November 2, 2015

Blessings Part One

We're told to not compare ourselves with those that are prettier, richer, smarter, have more possessions or friends, or are more successful because you usually feel worse if you don't live up to them. We're supposed to count our blessings instead.

The funny thing about counting blessings is that it's like comparing yourself to those less fortunate than yourselves. But I guess that's okay because you feel better about yourself after. :)

Wolfgang Staudt

Rarely do we hear people saying they give thanks for being the third planet from the sun so that mankind can survive at the right temperature, or giving thanks for the right mix of nitrogen, oxygen and other things that make up the air we breathe. That's because every single person, animal, and plant on Earth has this.

You do frequently hear people give thanks for the country, city, or house they live in because there are many people who do not live in that country, city, or house. You do frequently hear people complain about the bad air, but give thanks that at least it's not as bad as in other countries.

It's a funny thing, but as long as it's done in the right attitude it's fine. A humble attitude, not proud. A caring attitude for those less fortunate.

I think the best thing to compare yourself to is yourself. I'm wiser than I was in the past because of my life experiences. I'm more beautiful now because I've learned to be myself and love myself. I have a deeper level of love because I have a husband and children. I am thankful for the health I have now because I've been sick and broken in the past. I'm thankful for all these blessings because I know what it is to be without them.

Count your many blessings and give thanks.

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