Saturday, February 16, 2013

Keep Calm and Clean On

Keep calm

Most of us have seen the above poster and many variations of it. Here's my variation that I need:

I stay at home with my daughter, and it seems like I should have plenty of time to do the dishes, vacuum, clean the tub, etc.... But at the end of the day, I've played with her, fed her, took her on a walk, and played on the computer for three hours. No house cleaning.
Sometimes it almost seems overwhelming when you think of every little thing that should be cleaned, every nook and cranny that need dusting, the never ending dishes and laundry, the baseboards, the floors, spring cleaning, deep cleaning, and organizing. On Pinterest you can find lists and lists of all the things you should be cleaning and when.
If you think about it too hard, you just won't get anything done and spend all your cleaning time on the computer, like me! But all you have to do is keep calm and clean on.
I've found if I pick just one thing to do every day- dishes, laundry, clean the counters, or vacuum, that it is much more manageable, and I usually end up doing more than just that. But if I don't, then at least I hit my goal for the day.
Also, if I do it in the morning, then I feel guilt free the rest of the afternoon because I did my cleaning goal for the day. If I did extra, then extra unguilty!
Bonus take- cleaning burns calories, so if you clean instead of exercise that day, it's okay. ;)
Keep calm and clean on!
PS- For the days that I just don't do any cleaning, I think, "At least I took care of my daughter, fed her, played with her, bathed her, and loved her. That is my main job, that was good enough for today."

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  1. haha, i need one that says keep calm and keep quiet!