Thursday, November 28, 2013


I made two pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving yesterday. (They weren't as fancy as the one in the picture, but that's how I wished they looked.) I pulled them out of the oven after an hour of baking only to find white spots all over the tops of them.

I had to rush out the door to pick up my husband from work. When I got back I investigated closer and discovered that the white spots appeared to be egg whites that hadn't mixed in very well. So I threw those pies away, went to the store for more ingredients, and made two more pumpkin pies.

Things I'm thankful for: a store that is five minutes away, money to buy pumpkin pie ingredients ... twice, family to eat the pumpkin pies, a car to drive us to the store and to family, and good weather to drive around in.

Happy Thanksgiving, may there be much thanks given along with the delicious food!

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