Tuesday, February 4, 2014

What Do We Deserve?

Recently I read a book set back a couple hundred years ago with privileged families and servants. An orphan named Anya is made a servant in her uncle's household after his death. She eventually escapes and finds love. Her husband says it's her right and privilege to be a fine lady of the house enjoying good food, nice clothes, and extravagant parties because she has the right blood line. She doesn't deserve to be treated like a servant, working longs days, emptying chamber pots, and having work chapped hands.

Why does she not deserve to be a servant and actually deserve to be waited upon? Because she was born into the right family. She didn't do anything to earn it, but according to her husband, she deserves a blessed life.

Why doesn't he think the other servants be waited upon instead of serving? Because they were born into the 'wrong' families. Since they don't have royal type blood, they deserve a degrading life of emptying chamber pots and washing royal underclothes?

In the USA there isn't royalty, but many people still feel they should not have to do certain jobs because they are above them. Other people can do those jobs because it's okay for them. Where does this feeling of entitlement come from? Money which equals power equals entitlement. How many poor people clean their own toilets? How many rich people clean their own toilets? How many poor people clean the rich people's toilets?

If I had money would I hire someone to clean my toilets? If I was rich enough, probably? Is it fair to the person cleaning my toilet? I don't know. I guess the justification would be that I'm paying them, and if they worked hard enough then they could be rich like me too. Wrong! It's easy to work extremely hard and still be living paycheck to paycheck.

Moral of my story: You're not better than someone who has less money and power than you, just fortunate to be in a better lifestyle, so appreciate it!

Disclaimer- I did enjoy the book and would recommend it to someone interested in a historical romance book.

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