Saturday, June 25, 2016

You Know You're A Parent When

You know you are a parent or around kids a lot when ...

When your fridge is more full of your kid's art and fingerprints than food inside.

When you find random photos or texts on your phone.

When you try everything to get your kid to eat, then finally resort to eating it yourself, and as soon as you take the last bite they want it and are upset you ate it.

When you find your kid without a diaper, and wonder how many places their little butt has been.

When you finally get mad at your kid, and then they cry and come to you for comfort because you're their parent, and they still love you even when you're mad at them, breaks your heart.

When you're really sick and you still have to take care of someone else.

When you end up cleaning the whole house looking for something your toddler hid.

When you know the theme songs for all the cartoons.

When you find yourself watching cartoons even after the kids have left the room to go play.

When you don't have any energy and are dead tired but still have to get up three times in the middle of the night and somehow you can do it.

When you don't mind eating something your kid has licked.

When you have all sorts of bodily fluid on you, and it doesn't bother you too much.

When you walk around unknowingly with a sticker on you all day.

When you wear a shirt with a stain, and if someone says something you pretend it just happened.

When you ask where the 'potty' is or say the food is 'yummy' to another adult.

When you reference kid's shows in adult conversation.

When you rock as you stand even if you're not holding a baby.

When you feel like an interpreter for your little kid's way of talking.

When you're just about had enough and your kid hugs you and says they love you- makes it all worth it.

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