Thursday, June 6, 2013

Screen Free Week

I know several people who do Screen Free Week every so often. No tv, no computer, no video games, no tablet, no ipad, no ereader, no internet on the phone. I've never felt a strong compulsion to do this.

I need to check my email consistently for work, and I like to be able to look things up quickly on the internet. I love/hate Facebook- I like that I can keep up with people's lives that I don't see all the time, but I don't like all the stuff I have to scroll through to get a few important items, especially the new advertising. I love writing on this blog, and I've got my Etsy store. Pinterest is always fun, as well as Goodreads, and reading other people's blogs. I keep track of several accounts online, like the bank, library, etc.... As far as tv goes, I like the Today show, Rachael Ray, Studio 5, Jeopardy, and catching other shows here and there, and Netflix. My daughter likes Curious George, Sid the Science Kid, Wild Kratts, Dinosaur Train, Daniel Tiger, Super Why, and pretty much any cartoon, but those are the ones I don't mind. We really don't watch that much tv, it's just catching a show here and there.

When my family took a trip to California earlier this year, we were hardly in front of computers and tvs. I didn't really miss watching tv, or playing on the computer. I did miss writing on this blog though. I really enjoy writing blog posts.

For those like me, with lots on their minds, it can help to write it out. Getting a journal, a diary, a blog, a website, some scratch paper, or a note pad and writing your thoughts can be very cathartic. You can share or can keep it private. Writing down your thoughts acts like a pensieve in Harry Potter. You can put your whirling thoughts and memories down onto paper (or screen), and then you don't have to worry about remembering them or thinking about them.

It can help to solve problems also. Sometimes when you get writing, more thoughts flow out than you expected. You may surprise yourself with your own wisdom. The best psychologist is yourself. When you don't have a person to act as a sounding board to bounce ideas off, then you can use yourself. Write down all your thoughts, then come back to it later. Sometimes a little time is all you need to solve your problems, or at least to gain some new perspective.

When in doubt, write it out!

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