Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Wait, That's Mine!

We put out four solar lights at our son's graveyard, and two of them were stolen. The tall flower and hummingbird lights in the picture are now gone. Apparently items being stolen from cemeteries is a fairly common problem.

Some people probably justify the stealing by saying the dead people aren't using it. They may think that because it's in a public place it's up for grabs. Or they may just be so selfish that they think they can just take whatever they like with no regard for the feelings of those who placed the items with loving care.

After I told my friend about what happened she said that though the body is there, his spirit is somewhere else, so everything you put out there is really just for you not him. That may be somewhat true, but we are putting it out there for him too. We want him to have a light in the darkness. It's the same reason we put a blanket I crocheted and a picture of us with him, along with a little teddy bear.

My friend that has her baby buried next to ours said that she doesn't put anything out there that she would want to lose because they've had so much stolen from them. I know of another person who finally started writing, "Stolen from the grave of (name)!" in permanent marker on everything to help stop the thievery.

Yes, they are just physical items, but there was a lot of thought and love put into the choosing and placing of them. There is strong emotion attached to each item. There was hard earned money spent on buying something nice to memorialize the loss of loved ones.

We've known many people that have had their yards and houses broken into with much being stolen. Cars are broken into frequently. People's own identities are stolen and cause much grief, hassle, and expense. Accounts are hacked, money and possessions stolen, lives altered, and seeds of discontent planted with each robbery.

I don't understand what makes people steal. How could they be so arrogant as to think that just because they want it, they can take it without working for it, without paying for it. It's a prideful, deceitful act which often goes unpunished by the victim. The only comfort that can be taken is to think that karma, a higher being, or the balance of the universe will right the wrong, will justly punish the criminal.

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