Thursday, December 19, 2013


People are complicated. We don't want them to be, but they are.

It's so easy to put people into stereotypical categories to help us feel we understand them, but nobody fits those categories exactly- usually not even close.

We need to let people be complicated. It will uncomplicate our lives by causing less disparity between the reality in our heads and the real reality.

When you let someone be complicated, it then becomes okay if they do something you don't expect. It becomes okay if you find out there's a new side to their personality you never knew. It becomes okay that they may have done something bad in their past, but they aren't like that now.

Letting people you love be complicated is the hardest but most important. We like to feel that we know and understand those that are close to us, but you never truly know everything. There will still be complicated situations, but if you already understand this, then it will lessen the shock.

Another person to let be complicated is yourself. You are a changing person- every book you read, movie you watch, person you interact with, every thing you eat changes you. We have new experiences every day that assimilate into our way of thinking- either falling into place or creating new lines of thought.

When you learn something new, it's okay to add to or change your way of thinking because of it. I've heard things that just felt right that weren't what I knew before, but I added it to my thoughts because it felt right.

Let yourself and others be complicated.

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