Friday, December 6, 2013


I attended the first session of my play writing class, and I am the youngest by a good thirty years at least. The others all know each other from acting in plays together, so I'm the odd one out in several aspects, but they are all grownups and accepting so I don't feel left out.

I've never tried writing plays before and it's very different from other writing. It's mostly just conversation with a few interjectory notes to help the actors, and the rest is left up to the actors and director to fill in. In a film script, there can be long sections without words, but a play without words wouldn't work very well.

In the olden days they would say someone wrought a might work, which has come down to playwright. After I've written a play, I will have wrought it, so am I now wrighting it?

I had three years of pre-school, kindergarten, the regular 1-12, then four years of college after that. I still love to learn though and have taken several community classes since graduating. Learning is a lifelong goal for me, and it helps me to stay mentally sharp and challenged. Reading a lot of different books also helps.

Right now my new learning challenge is writing a play. I've started and the characters have taken a surprising turn from when I set out with my idea. My teacher said that sometimes you'll have a great idea, write it down, won't use that part, but will use everything after. We'll see where my play goes from here, but I am enjoying it, and it's helping me in my goal of writing a musical.

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