Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Light Sharing

"A candle loses no light when lighting others. Build others up whenever you can, support those close to you and help whoever you can – you never know when the tables will turn." -Author Unknown

It is easy to see others' talents and abilities as outshining my own sometimes. If I praise someone else, does that take away from what I've done? No, it adds to my light by being able to appreciate the good that others do.

In my play writing class, the teacher had us read plays by others to help us get the feel of them before we wrote our own. He was very adamant though that we not be intimidated by what we read. Some plays are for some people while other plays will touch other people. We can each have an influence over certain people that other people cannot. On the same note, there are people we can't touch that someone else can. 

If we all let our light shine bright and let other people shine as well, we can fill the whole world with beautiful light.  

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