Wednesday, July 17, 2013


This is a picture of my daughter at an outdoor concert we went to on Monday. The music was great- Peter Breinholt. Hearing his band play brought up old feelings of wanting to be a performer.

Playing the piano is one hobby I really enjoy, and I've played for a long time. I've played solos, and accompanied many singers from small groups to big choirs. I've sang in choirs occasionally and been a choir conductor. In Jr. high and high school I played the trombone in band, pep band, jazz band, and helped out the orchestra occasionally. After high school I borrowed guitars over the years from different people and was learning to play until I had to return the guitars.

I've had many song ideas, full songs, parts of songs. Mostly words and music with no accompaniment yet. There are lots of songs in my head that are just waiting for the world, but it's hard to get those songs out to the world. Going to concerts like this helps though; it inspires me to keep trying.

A life long goal I've had is to write a musical. Musicals can be so memorable and inspirational. Someday you'll hear about the next big musical on Broadway, and it will have my name attached to it!

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