Thursday, July 25, 2013

Pulling Your Own Weight

"Socially unacceptable": You're so fat! Getting a spare tire around the middle, aren't you! I see a double chin and almost a triple chin there! Talk about flabby arms, just look at yours! You need to lose some weight! Time to start shedding the pounds!

"Socially acceptable": You're so skinny! Why don't you eat something! You need to gain some weight! You need some meat on those bones! I need to feed you some candy bars! If you turned sideways I wouldn't see you!

To me these are all socially unacceptable.

Every body is different, even at the same weight as the above picture shows.

My husband and daughter are thin, and they have gotten comments about it their whole lives. When my daughter gained a little more weight, someone said she was finally looking more healthy, unintentionally inferring that she previously looked unhealthy and was not fully healthy looking. Guess what, she's thin like her Dad, and that's healthy for her. She's adorable and just the right size for her. My husband is healthy, strong, and thin, just the right size for him.

I knew a runner who had a bit of a belly. He ran marathons and was extremely healthy but had a little extra fat in front, just the right size for him.

Bodies are all different, just because someone is different from you, doesn't give you the right to comment on their body. Give people true compliments: That shirt looks really good on you! You look great in red! I love you just the way you are!

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