Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Enemy Conquered

Yesterday I faced down an enemy and told it, "We shall not both live in the same place, you must die." 

Lis - 1, nasty big black spider - O

It looked like this jumping spider, except it was black.

                                                                         Nat Geo

It crawled behind a heavy bookcase before I could grab my shoe to smash it, so I had to move the bookcase by myself, which is doable when you have the motivation. Then it crawled behind the desk, which is even harder to move because it is really big. 

I used a piece of cardboard to slowly move it towards me and it dropped to the floor so I quickly put a glass jar over it and slid the cardboard underneath to trap it. 

Then I had to put my shoes on while trying to keep my curious daughter away.

We took it outside, I let it out and then promptly squished it with my shoes, then dragged my shoe through the grass to get rid of the spider guts. 

My neighbor told me that most spiders won't harm you. I told him that I kill them anyways, you never know which ones will harm you and your family or not. 

Good luck fellow spider hunters!

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