Wednesday, January 15, 2014

End Of The World Heroes


Imagine Dragons has a song called Radioactive. (link above) It's popular with the younger generation, probably because we've been inundated with end of the world talk, books, tv shows, and movies. The end of the world has been thought about for millennia, but only recently does the end seem near, seem like a reality. Even cartoons for kids predict an end of the world with Wall-E.

The end of the world will be filled with destruction and horrible actions, but what keeps people sane is that at the end there is always hope. Many will die, but there will be survivors who will make the world over again, a better place. Heroes always rise up in the face of tragedy. Our true selves show up when under extreme pressure. Some choose badly, some chose wisely and show the world that humanity is still alive. The heroes and good leaders give hope to the rest of the people.

There's a hero inside of you. When tragedy strikes, whether in your personal life or the end of the world, be the hero that rises from the ashes, the phoenix that saves the world and itself.

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