Sunday, March 3, 2013

Ah, facebook. The bane and the center of so many lives.

I admit I'm probably on facebook too much. I don't post a lot, but it's an easy way to keep in touch with other people.

Facebook, as with many social medias, has introduced etiquette problems that never existed before.

There are the complainers- almost every post is to complain about their life, their spouse, their kids, their job, how nobody agrees with their political views, how the world is totally against them, and it's not fair! Simple fix-

There are the child promoters- they have a photo album for every birthday, holiday, season, concert, sporting event, and three just because. They give out way too much information about their kids, and everything they did, whether it was good, bad, or ugly. Simple fix-

There are the sunshiners- life is always AmaZiNg! and nothing ever goes wrong in their lives. It's always sunshine and roses, prizes and first places, smiles and laughter. Of course in your head you think, 'Yeah right, there has to be something bad in your life, or are you really that oblivious?' Simple fix- LiFeIsAmaZiNg.cOm

There are the contesters- they enter into every contest, drawing, or competition. Every day there is a vote-for-me link with the line 'I know this is probably annoying, but please please PLEASE click the link and vote for me!' Simple fix-

There are the fb gamers- the people you block invites from because they send you an invite every month to join farmville, yoville, petville, or treasure fiesta. There are five requests from them to send you a board or a spice, to help them out. Simple fix-

The politicalactivers- these people are always posting about their views on politics, on minorities, on the oppressed, anti-government, anti-majority, anti-popular, anti-tradition, and 'I've been enlightened, and you should listen to me and become enlightened also because you are living and believing in a cruel medieval lifestyle. If you don't agree with me, you must be a hater!' They say they are open-minded and don't want to argue, but they argue with anything you say that's different than what they say. Simple fix-

There are the stalkers- they will almost always like or comment on your posts, but rarely put up their own posts. They know all about you, and you know nothing about them. Simple fix- none, because they need facebookers to stalk!


  1. Hahaha! Facebook, thou hath hooked me! I'm afraid that is the first place I go to when I log in for the day--aaaand the last place I look, before logging off for the night. Kinda like looking at the newspaper--seeing what the news are. And I deal with Facebook the same way I deal with the paper--I read some, skim some, avoid some like the plague but overall, THUMBS UP!!

  2. I like your newspaper anoalogy- so true!