Friday, March 29, 2013

The Fleeting Life of Women's Clothes

Earlier this week when my husband and I were putting away the laundry, he held up one of my shirts and said, "This is getting a little short. Since high school was ten years ago, maybe it's time to get rid of this one." I laughed and told him that it was a shirt he picked out for me about two years ago. We were both amazed at how it had shrunk.

That was not a one time experience for us. It seems like several of my shirts have shrunk over time. I have a couple pairs of pants that have holes in the back where the pocket attaches. I have other shirts and tank tops that have holes in them too.

It seems like women's clothes aren't made to the same standard as they used to be, or even the same as men's clothing. My husband's clothes are thicker, more durable, and last a long time. I feel like I have a shirt or pair of pants for a couple years and then they are worn out.

Women's clothes are tighter fitting which causes more stress on the clothes. They are also thinner and stretchier, which doesn't help their longevity.

I've thought a couple times of just shopping at thrift stores. I could get more clothes for the same amount of money, and they seem to last as long as brand new clothes. Also, I would probably try more styles because when it's two dollars, why not?

I've been looking for a new swimsuit because my other two are fairly sheer in the back. I've recently learned that they are serious when they say handwash and line dry. Do not put them in the washer and especially the dryer.
We've been to multiple stores, I've tried on lots of suits, looked on many websites, and have been very discouraged with it all.
 My husband picked out the above swim suit at Dillards. I told him I didn't want to try it on even though I liked it because I just knew with a price tag of $158 that it would be the perfect suit. He had me try it on anyway for him. It was comfortable, cute, pulled in the stomach, covered what I wanted covered, and enhanced what I wanted enhanced, the perfect suit with an unperfect price tag.
My husband was willing to buy it, even at that price, if he thought it would last a long time. But with the experiences we've had with my clothes, we were both skeptical. We also both had the thought that I would hardly want to use it because what if it got ripped going down a water slide or something else happened to it? So sadly, I am leaving the perfect suit behind in search of a cheaper one.
Someday maybe I'll start a line of women's clothing that lasts for thirty years guaranteed but doesn't cost more than twenty dollars for anything.


  1. They probably figure that women like to shop a lot more than men and that they'll want new clothes anyway so why bother ;> My swimsuit is a tankini from Land's End with bike shorts. Not too stylish but I like the extra coverage. It's more comfortable for my thighs if you know what I mean :d

  2. Good point about women shopping a lot! When I go to the mall, it always amazes me that there are so many stores for women, and none for just men. I'll have to take a closer look at Land's End- thanks!