Thursday, March 28, 2013

Feelings of Apathy

Is it the winter blues, cabin fever, spring fever, mild depression, gray cloudy skies, lack of sunshine, SAD (seasonal affective disorder), or the cold weather? Perhaps a lack of sleep, unhealthy foods, lack of exercise, raising kids?

Whatever it is that causes feelings of apathy in people, especially during the winter, I know I've been feeling it. The lack of motivation to clean the house, exercise, or do anything except watch tv while eating chips and cookies.

We've all been there before, and I know several people who are there right now. The transition to spring is upon us though, and there is bright sunny hope shining through! There is something about sunny days that make us feel good. The vitamin D our bodies get from the sunshine helps us feel better.

When there's a weeks worth of newspapers piled up, a stack of mail to go through, dishes on the counter because the sink is full, the tubs and toilets have dirty rings around them, books and toys are strewn across the floor, the baby isn't sleeping well, you haven't done your hair nice for three days, and you need to get dinner on the table soon, it can all seem overwhelming.

What helps me is to try to do at least one thing every day. One day it's do three loads of laundry, the next day fold the laundry, the next day put away the laundry, the next day do the dishes, the next day empty the dishwasher.

Many times if I can do at least one thing that day, I get the motivation to do more and get a lot done. But if not, then at least I did something that day.

If you can find a friend or neighbor to do a babysit switch with you, then go for it! One person takes all the kids for a couple hours and lets the other do some cleaning, then switch.

Find yourself a cheerleader. Tell your spouse, parent, or best friend that you have a goal to do something productive everyday and need a cheerleader to help. Your person should be happy to encourage you without finding fault. Then when you do your dishes, exercise, eat an apple instead of a candy bar, or vacuum the house, report back to them, and you'll get some good praise and encouragement. Everyone has been through a tough time, or is going through one, and could use a cheerleader. Find someone that loves you and let them help you.

Put some music on too! I love to clean the house to the Newsies soundtrack and sing along. Make an upbeat Pandora station, or invest in yourself and spend $10 on fun songs on itunes. Upbeat music will help you get moving and stay motivated, whether you are cleaning, working, or exercising.

When you start feeling unmotivated and apathetic, turn it around.


  1. You can also dance to the music while doing chores (if possible) and get extra exercise in! I've been taking one Vit D every day. It's helped a lot with reducing sickness. And yes, you must exercise even if you don't feel like it. With the good weather, put Kayla in the stroller and go for a brish walk around the neighborhood. The fresh air will be good for her too and help her sleep better.

  2. BYW, love that cute picture of the sleepy toddler!

  3. I like to dance around to the Shrek soundtrack- it's got some upbeat songs and some songs where I can do 'interpretive dance'. Of course I don't do this where anyone can see! I've figured out a new route that is 2.5 miles round trip that will be my new walking/running route.