Friday, March 8, 2013

It's You, Not Me

This is very true. We've all had our run ins with crappy people that make for crappy experiences.

I know I can get stuck going over and over again in my head what I should have said, or what I want to say to them, or imagining different scenarios.

I don't think it's bad to do this. It's part of our brains sorting out everything we deal with. The problem is when you keep rehashing the same thing over and over. It can be hard to get it out of your head.

I try to think, "I'm wasting my time thinking about this person that I don't really like. They are wasting my time. I would rather spend my time better." So I wad up the conversation and throw it away, smash it flat, burn it, or shut it out. Watching TV is better than wasting time rehashing.

Sometimes I have to do this a couple times, but eventually I distract myself with something else that's a better use of my time, energy, and emotions.

Don't be a crappy person, and don't waste your time thinking about crappy people!

Do be nice to others. Smile at people. :D Say hi and talk for a minute. It will make you and the other person happy. Then when people think about you, it will be time well spent!


  1. i hate when i cant get somethin out of my head- love the burn it up idea!

  2. So true about rehashing "should have said"s etc. I try to do a gesture of mentally wiping a bad experience off my forehead--connecting mental to physical really helps. Our choir director does this all the time when trying to search for a certain sound. I can't allow myself to go certain places in my brain. I also like the mental imagery of putting something I can't do anything about on a mental shelf, so it doesn't siphon anymore energy out of me.

  3. I like the idea of putting a physical action to a mental thought. That definitely helps to reinforce the idea!