Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Give and Take

Sometimes it can be hard to give a sincere compliment, but to give a sincere thanks can be harder for some people.

If someone gives you a compliment, then take it! Say, "Thank you!" with a smile. :) A compliment is a gift of words. It says the person noticed and appreciated what you did, whether it was helping them or taking the time to look nice. It affirms they admire, approve, and/or respect you.

If you derail their compliment by playing down yourself, then they will be less likely to compliment you in the future. If you graciously accept their compliment, you are validating their opinion and your relationship. They will be more likely to compliment you again in the future.

When you give a compliment, make sure it is sincere. It doesn't have to mean you would wear the shirt, or do the activity, but you can appreciate that the shirt looks good on them, or that they did well in their work.

A compliment will inspire someone to good far more than a criticism. It is adding a precious stone in the relationship path between two people. To accept a compliment is to add another precious stone.

So change your responses from, "It was nothing." (It was something.) "No worries." (Would it cause worry another time?) "This old thing?" (You know you picked that outfit with great care.) to "Thank you!" "Thanks!" "I appreciate you telling me that!" "Thank you for letting me know you liked it!" "Thank you, I worked hard on it!" "Thanks, I love it too!"

Give a little positive and make someone's day!

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