Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Legen... Wait For It....


Barney Stinson (from the show How I Met Your Mother) has a self confidence that is, for lack of a better word, legendary. He just knows he's awesome.
Then there is Captain Awesome (from the show Chuck). He just is awesome at almost everything he does because he knows he's awesome.
What do these two fictional characters have in common? They both believe they are awesome, so they act like it. They both have great self confidence; they believe in themselves. 
While I don't agree with Barney's lifestyle, I admire his confidence and constant optimism. Barney is likable because he is fun, happy, and wants others to be awesome like he is. He suits up and dresses confidently because he knows that how you dress affects how you act and how others treat you. 
Captain Awesome, aka Devon, believes he is good at everything, and so he is good at everything most of the time. He takes good care of his health by exercising and eating good food.
Confidence lessons to learn from these two characters:
1. If you want to feel better, than look better. Exercise, eat healthy, do your hair, wear nice clothes.
2. Believe in yourself. It's hard for others to believe in you if you don't believe in yourself.
3. Don't let failure stop you. Barney doesn't get most of the girls he wants, but he doesn't let it stop him, he keeps going until he gets what he wants.
4. Family and friends matter. Surround yourself with your family, friends, and other awesome people.
5. You have to work hard to be awesome. These guys seem naturally awesome, but they take care in their appearance and work hard at what they do.
6. Let others be awesome too. They both know their awesome, but they want others to be awesome too. They are sure of themselves, so if there are other awesome people, they know it won't take away from, but only add to their awesomeness.
Some last words from Barney:


  1. I can always AWESOME in my own mind ;>

  2. That's the best place to start being AWESOME!