Monday, April 15, 2013

Good Health

My daughter is sick with a stomach flu, possibly the norovirus. The poor thing has been throwing up a lot and can't keep anything down for long. The doctor said it should pass in the next day hopefully as long as we're careful not to feed her the wrong foods and to not feed her too much at a time. It's been hard watching her be sick, trying to make her feel better but knowing time will just have to do its work. My husband stayed with her all night so I could get some sleep to take care of her during the day. I was so tired and stressed last night I just crashed.

When we are healthy and sickness free, we usually take it for granted. Then we get sick and realize how good we had it the day before. It's hard to remember to be thankful for not being sick, but we really should be thankful every day that we can get up and go about our day.


  1. awww, hope your baby girl gets better soon!

  2. I remember thinking when you guys were small that I would gladly trade places with you when you were sick, because I figured I could deal with it better then. But that is how we learn and grow, UNFORTUNATELY :P. Hope Kayla is all better now :)

  3. She's feeling much better now! :) It's hard to be sick, but it definitely makes us appreciate our health more. Sadly, I don't think little kids can see it that way, but they learn eventually!