Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Here A Little, There A Little

I love books! When I'm researching a topic, I check out several websites, but I think it's more fun to go to the library and get a stack of books on the subject.

Generally the books have most of the same information, but every book will have at least one thing that no other book has. So I usually find one that looks the best and read it, then skim through the others to find their unique information.

People are a lot like books in this aspect. People in general are very similar. They are usually good, they just want to come home from work, enjoy good food, family, and friends. They want to have nice things, and time to enjoy the things. They want to love and be loved. But you will never find two people who are exactly the same.

When you meet someone, it's kind of exciting to know that you will have an experience with them that will never be the same as with someone else. You can learn one thing from them that you won't learn from anyone else.

If you put yourself in the exact same situation but with different people, each experience would be unique. That's what makes people so wonderful! Each relationship you have- parent, child, spouse, friend, co-worker, neighbor, enemy, acquaintance- is going to be special with that person. You may have three children, but any parent will tell you that it is different raising each child.

Take some time to think about people in your life, and what is special about the relationship between the two of you. What can you learn from them that you can't learn from anyone else? Exploring your relationships can bring a new fascination to them, and you will probably learn how important that person has been in your life.

Some people's role in your life may seem to be a strong warning of what not to do. That's what I try and think of when I have bad experiences with people. I tell myself that it was a good reminder to never treat people the way that I was just treated. You can learn things from bad experiences.

Take the good experiences you have in your life and pay them forward to others. Let what others learn from you to be a positive experience.

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