Friday, May 10, 2013

I Needed You

I know two lovely ladies who are both kick-butt awesome, but sadly single. They are fun, witty, sociable, well educated, well traveled, cute, nice, caring, and wonderful friends. They both long to be married but aren't for whatever reasons.

It's a hard path to be single when you really want to be married, and when all your friends seem to be married. Especially when they don't seem to appreciate their marriages and families. They bear it pretty well most of the time, but I know it's hard for them.

My path most likely would not have crossed theirs if they had been married, and I have felt distinctly on multiple occasions that they were meant to be in my life to help me. I have had the thought that they were both single because I needed them in my life. It might sound like a selfish thought, and it might not be true, but I feel like part of their life mission was to be in my life. I hope that I helped them a little to repay all that they helped me.

The first wonderful woman in my life, I'll call Pirate (inside joke). Pirate and I were roommates for a good while and good friends. We had many, many talks together, especially till late in the night. I would sit on her wedge chair and she usually sat on her bed. We talked of many things, and didn't always agree but always had a good conversation. She believed in me and helped me to mature in my thinking and actions. We had a lot in common and loved to talk about everything. She was a friend and a mentor.

It wasn't a bad time in my life, and I quite enjoyed my time being single then. Pirate just had a great influence on my life. It was never any grand acts she did, but just a lot of little things put together, just the Pirateness of her.

After we weren't roommates anymore, we kept in contact here and there. But recently I met up with her again and we talked and talked and she still inspired me! We picked up right where we left off, and it made me nostalgic for all the good times we had together.

She has done a lot of amazing things and has great potential for more in the future. I hope she is happy with her life and know that whatever else she does, she has made a significant impact in my life. She has finished part of her life mission.

The other wonderful woman, I'll call Rootbeer (play on her name). She has done so much in her life, accomplished many things, lived a full life, and is a great friend. But to me, the best thing she has done was be there for me in the worst time of my life.

Rootbeer and I seemed to hit it off right away, which is always a pleasant thing, especially when spending many hours working together. We talked a lot about our lives and had a lot to talk about. She has gone through many hard experiences that have taught her a lot about life, compassion, and love.

When I lost our first child, she was amazing. She never said the wrong thing. She stopped others from unintentionally hurting me. She understood loss because she has experienced it herself. She helped carry me through a rough year. Then when I was troubled with the thought of losing my next baby, she kept me uplifted and encouraged. She never criticized, never judged, and just accepted me and my needs. She was more than a co-worker, she was a good friend.

Since I left my job to stay home with my new baby, I haven't been able to keep in touch with her like I would want to. I know she's still in a rough place in her life, trying to achieve seemingly elusive goals. She deserves so much more in life. I hope that she understands the major role she played in my life for a few years. Though she will still have trials and troubles, she can know that she fulfilled part of a life mission in being in my life.

Many people have had a profound influence in my life, but these two gems shine out like the beacon lights they were to me. I hope they are blessed twice over for all they did in my life.


  1. What a blessing good friends can be and you have been a particular blessing in my life, not only as a daughter but as a friend. <3

  2. Same to you, Mom- I wouldn't trade you for anyone!