Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial Day

We went to a Memorial Day program focused on Veterans. It was sobering. My husband's brother is in the Navy, and our brother-in-law is in the Army. They spend so much time away protecting this country. Even if there is no actual war they are fighting in, they are still putting their lives on the line for us every day.

My husband had thought about joining the military, but decided it wasn't the lifestyle he wanted for himself and for his future family. He wanted to be able to watch his children grow up in person, to be there physically and mentally for them. He felt that for him, it would be better to not join.

I've always had a deep respect for those that are in the military, that sacrifice so much to protect us. Their lives and their families lives are greatly impacted, but for them, it's their duty, their call in life.

During the program I thought that if we had lived back in the day of World War I or II, that I probably would have met my husband, we'd have gotten married and pregnant quickly before he went off to war, like so many couples did back then. There's a good chance he would have died back then. I would have died in childbirth, him in war. We would have met each other up in Heaven with our baby. The three of us would have been together. It's hard to imagine us without our living daughter though, we wouldn't be complete.

At any time, another world war could break out and a draft called to enlist soldiers to fight. My husband could be called up to fight and we would have no way to say no. It wouldn't be right to say no. It's a scary thought.

But the pride of having a soldier would help a little. There's a good pride in being a soldier and in supporting one. It's a noble and honorable work they do to protect us. The sacrifice they give is worth paying grateful tribute on Memorial Day and every day.


  1. Thanks for sharing what your thoughts are about the day. I hope you don't mind me sharing mine. You are so right in that the military is not a life for everyone. I had no idea Jeremy had even considered it. After my 10 years "in the service" so to speak, I am sure he made the right choice for him. I am so proud of DJ making the choices he has made to join the Army before I met him and the choices he has made in his career within the Army. None of these choices have been made lightly as it has affected our family. However, in the end his desire to help others, be prepared, further his education, and provide for our family has led us to a position that calls him away quite a bit. It is hard on our family, but it has also been a blessing others just can't understand. I have books and books of love notes from my husband, we have had harder conversations with each other than most couples because of the need to face possibilities, and our kids have an open line of communication with him unlike most other children. You see, we make the most of the phone calls, video chats, letters, and most importantly the time we are together. And my children know what it means to help others. I would never say he is not there for his children, there are parents home daily who do less with or their children than DJ does a world away. Or for me. Not easy to do, but we work harder at it than some families have to, its all worth it.
    Many do not get to come home to their families, those I respect and revere more. Those families I will always thank, and help this country so they didn't not die in vain. It takes an incredible individual who can balance country and family, I have one. I also have a two brother in laws who do it, a grandfather who did it, and many relatives and friends.

  2. Thanks for giving us the perspective of a soldier family! I've been watching Army Wives, and it's given me a glimpse into what life can be like for families like yours. It's really hard, but it's just what they do. All families have hard things, and that's what their hard thing is.