Friday, August 16, 2013

Beautiful Inspiration

I think deep down we all have this desire, or at least most of us that are trying to live. We all want to be noticed and recognized for the good we do, for the amazing people we are. You are noticed, you are watched, you are inspiring, but most people don't tell you that. You make a difference in the world every day. The difference you make is choosing good over bad, choosing right over wrong. People see you and they appreciate you. Sadly, they don't tell you, or not often enough, but they love you.

I wrote a poem: 
Beautiful People

There go the beautiful people. 
Beautiful in success, beautiful in looks,
beautiful in wealth, in love, in life.

You speak to them with
False overtones of friendship,
Saying words of praise that
Never let them know they are beautiful.

Feeling that true words of praise,
Would raise them above you.
Thinking their beauty
Takes away from you own.
If their light shines bright,
Does it make yours dim? No.

And so you go on through life
Amongst the beautiful people,
Feeling competition but never winning.
Never realizing that to someone
You are a beautiful person.
Never realizing that truly
We are all beautiful people.

What can you do that will make people truly inspired by you, that will leave you in their memories wreathed in love? Let them know they are beautiful, and you will be beautiful. Appreciate them and they will appreciate you, you will inspire them to be beautiful like yourself.

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