Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Passion On Fire


Like the saying says, 'If your job is one you love, you never work a day in your life.' If you can figure out what you're truly passionate about, not just what you like a lot, but what you love, you've found your passion, and you've found what you're good at.

I'm kind of a jack-of-all trades, trying a little of lots of things. But doing this helps me find what I'm passionate about, what I'm willing to put lots of time and effort into. What I want to do for me not for someone else.

One thing I love doing is writing this blog. I had a friend ask me how I found time to write so many posts. I told her that I do it when my daughter naps and sometimes write multiple posts in one day. She was still impressed. A deeper answer would really be that I make it a priority. I want to do it, and I do it for me. Yes, I'm really glad you're reading this and I hope you enjoy it, but if I was only doing it for the readership and not because I liked it, this blog wouldn't last. I love writing this blog. I love you reading this blog. I love your comments and likes on this blog. Thanks for enjoying the journey with me!

I know people who are passionate about certain things whether they be political, religious, physical, mental, or relationships. Everyone knows they feel strongly about it and that they act on it. They can be tools for enlightenment, appreciation, and change.

Find your passion, and you'll find what you're good at, and you'll be on fire in enjoying your passion.

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