Friday, August 23, 2013

Ten Minute Walk

Taking a ten minute walk gets you moving physically, increasing oxygen to your brain and body. You get outside in the sun and breathe some fresh air. You also get ten minutes to yourself to relax and work out some thoughts. It's an all around win-win!

I know when I first had my baby I would sometimes get overwhelmed. I would just stick her in her stroller and go for a walk, luckily it was spring turning into summer, so not too hot or cold. Going out the door I would be about to cry, but by the time I got home I would have regained my composure and be ready to take care of our unexpected bundle of cuteness. My walks were my sanity savers.


  1. I took a lot of walks when Sierra was a baby too. Not only did it perk me up, but she seemed happier outside too!

  2. It's great what some fresh air will do for you!