Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Food, Glorious Food!

I like to cook, bake, and create in the kitchen. It's satisfying to me to make a really good tasting meal, especially when it's also healthy. It's even better when the people I'm feeding, usually my husband and daughter, really enjoy it also and want seconds.

I didn't make the food in the pictures above, but I've made food that is just like them. Cooking is an art and a science. Some recipes do need to be followed exactly with just the right ingredients, temperature and baking time. Most recipes though can be fiddled around with, which is what I mostly do.

I learned to cook from my mom. I remember many evenings sitting on a stool by the counter talking with my mom while she cooked and I helped. I watched what she did, and she showed me certain techniques, and her tutelage has paid off.

I really appreciate all she taught me, especially the importance of cooking meals at home, mostly from scratch, and eating together as a family. I enjoy cooking, and I know if I wait long enough, my husband will do the dishes!

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