Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Extra Kids In A Cleaner House

 I started watching two little girls for just an hour every day, the overlapping hour between their parent's work schedule. It's felt like this:

That's probably because I don't want other kids playing with my daughter's toys, so I pick them all up, and anything else I don't want touched, then I shut all the doors and pull out our guest toy box. It's all the toys we don't like as much, so we don't mind if all the kids play with them.

Our house isn't dirty, more cluttered- toys strewn all over the floor, piles of mail and coupons on the counter, dishes overflowing the sink. But once I pick them all up, it looks quite nice. Most of the time our house looks pretty good, but it's been looking extra good in the living room since the babysitting started last week.

Before sometimes it felt like this:

And I would say something like this:

It's so easy to get sucked into the world of the internet with blogs, pinterest, facebook, google searches, online shopping/window shopping, games, and everything else. It's worth it to make a concerted effort to do this:

More doing: house cleaning, exercising, playing, enjoying nature, reading a physical book or magazine, and interacting with people. More doing, less viewing!

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