Monday, September 2, 2013

Better Prepared Than Just Scared

Some people don't like to think about what would happen if they or someone they loved were attacked, beaten up, kidnapped, raped, or in a bad situation. It scares them, so they don't think about it. These things happen. They may have happened to you or someone you know. They may happen in the future to you or someone you know. I would rather be prepared and scared, rather than just scared out of my wits and defenseless.

Here's a short lesson from Gracie Heart from Miss Congeniality:

 Here's a quick reminder:

S-I-N-G: solar plexus, instep, nose, groin.

Some other sensitive areas: eyes- poke them, ears- pull/slap/hit them, elbow- bend backwards, knee- bend backwards, shin- scrape with foot. And a note on the groin- it's the testicles not the penis that really hurts them, so if you're in close range- go for underneath.

Hopefully you never have to get into a physical alteration with someone, but if you do- fight back! Fight back and yell and scream. Try and get someone's attention. It's okay to use bad language too- sometimes it's the only thing they understand. Try to run away too. It's really hard to hit a moving, zig-zagging target with a gun, so run. Keep your jaw closed- if someone hits your face, and open jaw will be dislocated while a closed jaw will stay in place better.

If you're alone and worried, there are some things you can do:
-Look for a nice looking family or person and stand close to them.
-Stay in the well lit areas.
-Keep your head up and your body in a strong and confident stance- no hunched shoulders, head down, or weak arms.
-Be aware. Don't just stare at your phone. Look around, assess the situation.

One last thing that will help deter suspicious looking people from bothering you is to act a little gross. Burp, fart, pick a wedgie, or pick your nose. It may seem embarrassing, but if you're really worried that someone is about to make a bad move on you, it would be better to do one of those things than to be a victim.

Thinking about and talking about these things with others will help give you peace of mind. These tactics are for good for men and women, boys and girls to learn. It will give them an arsenal to pull from if they are attacked. Be prepared so you are less scared.

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