Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fit Parent Workout


I have an exercise regimen that any parent can easily follow. If you don't have kids, someone will surely let you borrow their kids, they may even pay you to take them!

Warm up -  Get yourself out of bed in the morning.

The Vacuum (Endurance) - Hold a child who is suddenly scared of the vacuum while you vacuum the whole house. Bonus workout if the kid is trying to poke your face the whole time.

The Slide (Arms) - Lift a child repeatedly to the top of the slide so they can go down again and again.

Ball Chase (Cardio) - Run down the driveway to catch the ball before the ball or the child runs into the street.

Pick-up (Squats) - Repeatedly squat down, or bend over, to pick up things the child drops.

The Store (Cardio) - Run down each aisle of the store after the child while pushing a loaded shopping cart.

The Oven (Balance) - Balance on one leg while using the other leg to keep a child away from the hot oven while you use both arms to pull out a steaming hot dish.

Cowboy (Endurance) - Crawl on hands and knees with child on back until you collapse.

Superman / Blast Off (Legs) - Lay on back with legs bent in front of you and child on top of legs, your hands holding the child's hands/arms. Continually lift legs and arms so child flies into the air.

Couch Lifts (Legs) - Sit on the couch with legs down and child sitting on your feet. Lift legs, especially calves, into the air until you can't anymore.

The Hold 1 (Arms) - Hold a wiggly child who wants to get down or is throwing a fit.

The Hold 2 (Arms) - Hold a child who is sleeping and that you don't want to disturb.

Cool Down -  at night after the child has been put to bed, read a book, watch a movie, play on the computer, or spend quality time with a loved one.

Bonus late night moves:

The Hop (Legs) - Hop up and down in pain after you step on a sharp toy in the dark.

Freeze (Balance) - Hold completely still in whatever position you happen to be when you accidentally make a loud noise after the child is asleep.

Bonus health idea - you can eat all the vegetables your child won't eat on top of what you already dished out for yourself.

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