Friday, September 20, 2013


It was my 29th birthday yesterday. I'm at the age that a lot of people like to say they are because they can't quite admit they are in their thirties yet. My husband is excited for my next birthday because then we will both be in our thirties.

I'm at a really great stage in my life right now. I have pretty good health, except near the end of my pregnancies. I have the best husband and kids for me. I have a great family and family-in-law. I have some really good friends and lots of good people I know and live near. I have the best job for me- staying at home with my daughter and doing some work on the side at home too. My husband and I could give you a good list of things we would like to buy, but really we do have a lot- everything we need and then some. Life is pretty good right now. 

The trick now is to get older in age without getting older in body! Anyone have some good tips on how to do that? 

As my birthday present to all of you, I'll share a poem I wrote that's near and dear to my heart.

My child asked me, "Mommy, are you scared of dying?"
I said, "Well now, let me see.
Though I'm too young to die, I've lived a good life.
It was not without sin, but I've paid the price.

Am I scared of heaven or hell,
Or where I'll go when death rings his bell?
No, I'm not scared of the great beyond,
Of where I'll go when I am gone.

What scares me though, my child so dear,
Is you living a life without me near.
 The motherless child, the widower man.
I can hardly imagine, but at the same time I can.

The birthdays and school plays and weddings I'd miss.
The tears and the laughter are all things I wish.
To be there besides you, with you through it all,
I pray for it every day, to heaven I call."