Friday, September 6, 2013

Happiness Is A Form Of Courage

Holbrook Jackson said, "Happiness is a form of courage."

It can take a lot more effort to be happy than to be sad. This world makes it easy to be sad, discouraged, angry, and unhappy. To rise above that, to find good in the world, to be the good in the world, to be happy takes courage.

Many people are mocked for being happy in an unhappy world- it takes courage. Many news stories are called stupid because they are about happy things- it takes courage. Happy people are called naive, innocent, unlearned, backwards, and looked down on. But if we didn't have happy people, this world would be an angry chaotic mess. Choosing happiness helps others choose happiness.

How do you be courageous and be happy? You make a conscious effort- it can take work to be happy. Smile more, laugh more, search for good, ignore the bad that you can. Let bad feelings and bad people go. Hold on to good feelings and good people.

While this piece of art unnerves me a little, it also has a good message. These people choose happiness instead of staying mired in the muck of this world. They are breaking free. It takes courage to get up and move instead of just laying in the familiar mold.

Take courage and choose happiness!

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