Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Omission and Commission

Everybody in this world makes a difference every day by acts of omission and commission. Acts of commission are acts that are done- a nice or negative word to someone, hitting or hugging someone. Acts of omission are acts that are not done- not saying something nice or negative, not hitting or hugging someone.

Each act of commission or omission makes a difference in the world. Acts of commission have ripple effects, good or bad, that have widespread unknown consequences. Acts of omission can omit the ripple effect, or have a more silent ripple effect.

Every time you do or say something nice, it helps people feel good. They feel better about themselves and pass on that confidence and cheer. On the other hand, every time you do or say something bad, it helps people feel bad. They feel worse about themselves and pass on that downhearted and depressed feeling to others. It's best to do positive acts of commission.

Acts of omission work in a similar manner. When you omit a negative thought or action, you've helped other people. When you omit a positive thought or action, you've withheld good feelings.

If you think you can't actually make that big a difference in the world, let me give you some strong examples: school shootings, especially Columbine and Sandy Hook. A person decided to do an act of negative commission, and it affected the whole country, and the ripples are still going. A parent decides to abuse their child, a negative act of commission that will have lifelong consequences for the abused and those he comes in contact with.

On the other side, Martin Luther King Jr. made a big difference in the world. Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Jesus Christ, Shakespeare, Mozart, Marie Curie, and good parents.

Refraining from doing negative things leaves the whole world a better place. There most likely won't be any recognition or thanks, but it's the right thing to do. Committing pleasant acts will make a difference in the world. There still most likely won't be any recognition or thanks, but it's the right thing to do.

We have a choice everyday to put out positive or negative acts of commission and omission. These choices will have effects that you'll probably never know, but the combined goodness will result in a better world.

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