Monday, September 16, 2013

Prey On The Run

I was watching Wild Kratts with my daughter, and the Kratt brothers were being stalked by a wildcat. One of the brothers was about to take off running when the other brother told him not to run because "... nothing triggers a predator like prey on the run ..."

They were dealing with wild animals, but some humans seem to have a streak of wild animal in them, and they are predators that prey on weak humans.

I've mentioned before that if someone is trying to physically attack you, you should definitely try to run away, and that is still true! I've also talked about avoiding poisonous people, which you still should do if you can. This post is about a different type of running away.

If you're walking down the hall, and you see someone coming towards you that you really want to avoid (aka a predator). If they haven't seen you yet, and you can turn before they see you without messing up your plans too much, then by all means, go ahead and avoid them. But if there is an unavoidable meeting because they've already seen you or you can't go another way, then don't run, it will trigger them.

The bullies of this world prey on people who appear weak. Don't appear weak. Turning and scurrying away when predators see you, prey on the run, will trigger their predator instincts. Cowering as you try to hide in the shadows as they approach will trigger their predator instincts also.

Put on an act of bravado on the outside, even if you're not feeling it on the inside.  Head high, eyes aware, no fear on your face, shoulders back and down, arms swinging, a powerful walk, and a nod in their direction while passing. Doing this show confidence not weakness. Predators may still go after you because they are just that stupid and habitual, but they will probably target weak prey somewhere else if they can.

The actions mentioned above make you look bigger and more powerful, like many animals do when in danger. Pufferfish quickly fill themselves with water to poof out and look bigger and make their spines poke out. The Australian frilled lizard will spread out it's hood to look bigger and more intimidating.

Don't be prey on the run, be confident and big!

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