Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Light From Inside

Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm is an older book, so many people pass it by, but it is a good book, especially for young girls. Those who like Anne of Green Gables will like Rebecca too.

I'm writing about this book because there is a part that I really liked. Rebecca isn't a beauty, but she has a beautiful and sunny personality. She has endeared herself to a particular older couple. The woman says that Rebecca isn't beautiful, and her husband replies that she is because she shines!

Personality will do a lot more for someone than just looks. Beauty makes a good first impression, but personality makes a lasting impression. I would rather be friends with someone that was nice to me, whether they were pretty or not. I would rather be friends with someone who cared about me, whether they were handsome or not.

I went to a conference recently and a woman spoke about her tragic life, but she was so funny, everyone laughed the whole time. She had part of her face removed and has prosthetic eyes because of cancer. Her face doesn't look pretty, but her personality is so fun that it doesn't matter what she looks like, everybody just loves her.

We all come with a pre-made body. Surgery or sickness change the body but at great expense, physically or monetarily. Try the easy fix instead- have a great personality, an easy smile, and you will be loved and appreciated.

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